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Tips for Online Business Success

Most businesses are aware of the competition from those businesses that have been building up an online presence. Having a professionally designed website to showcase your  business offers the potential for business growth, increased sales and raised profits.

Many businesses fail to realise the importance and the potential of being represented online. As the internet and technology develops, there are more and more ways to represent your business online, from just being an online brochure or business card or being a full blown shop or interactive website.

Below are some simple tips to help you achieve the online business success your business needs.

Developing a Fresh Perspective

The first stage to creating a website for your business, take some time to think about what you really want your website to achieve. When done right, your website can help generate new leads and new customer enquiries. A website can also be capable of taking orders for you without you even being near your computer.

If you set it up the right way, your website can become your cashier, accepting secure payments from customers and placing their order even while you’re sleeping. Your website can be your 24 hour a day, 7 day a week sales person. It can be your receptionist; accepting email enquiries without an actual staff member being anywhere near it.

With these things in mind, think about what you really want your website to achieve for you. Then set out to develop a site that accomplishes those things. Technology can either streamline your business or add more unnecessary complication, make sure you get on the right path right from the start.

Professional Website Design

Once you have a clear picture of what you want to accomplish with your site, it’s time to find a professional web design and development company that can make it all happen. Discuss your exact needs and visions and get that website made.

When Selecting a web developer it is important they have knowledge in all the key areas of web development so they can grow with you.

  • Design, useability
  • Marketing
  • SEO
  • Programing, best practice
  • Creative Vision

Effective Online Marketing

There’s absolutely no point having a business website if no one knows how to find it. This means you’ll need to implement some effective online marketing strategies to get the word out.

Of course, some marketing tactics can be time consuming. If you’re already running a busy offline business, you probably won’t have time to bother. This is where you need to make a decision about which strategies you want to use for your online marketing purposes.

Expert Advice

With the advances in software around the internet, there are plenty of ways to build your own website for little or no cost. Learning this from scratch can be very time consuming and often difficult to build the website to make sure everything works properly and it is found in google. Even though the initial cost of paying a webdeveloper can be moreyou can save your self hundreds of hours, and you have someone to turn to if things aren’t going right.

If you’d like more help with developing a website which works hard for your business, contact me.


Social Media: Is it a Waste of Time or Valuable Business Tool?

We have all heard of or used sites like Facebook, linkedin and twitter, generally they have been used to keep in touch with friends and family. But as these social media sites have developed they have become some of the most used sites on the web. Many business owners had dismissed marketing with Facebook and twitter thinking they were only used by teenagers and a waste of time. What they may not realize is the sheer number of adults who use these sites as a way to communicate with other people. At the beginning of 2012 Facebook boast 800 million active users.

When done correctly, social media sites can become highly valuable business tools.  They allow business owners to stay connected to their customers, but they also allow customers to develop a rapport with business owners in return.

So, how can a business benefit from using social media sites? And which site is the best for your particular business? How does a business make sure their time on social media sites leads to more business?

Choosing the Best Social Media Site for Your Business

According to a survey recently conducted by Optus, Facebook is the most popular choice for small and medium businesses, with YouTube coming in a close second. Twitter and LinkedIn featured in third and fourth most popular, respectively.

Facebook allows you to interact with your customers, answer questions, field enquiries and generate interest in your products or services very easily.

The key is to create a professional Facebook Page under the business accounts section. This allows you create an official business page in which you can provide information about your business, showcase your products, and offer customers updates and news that might interest them.

Broaden Your Customer Base

There are more than 800 million active users on Facebook. 8.8 million of those users are Australian. Each of those users has a circle of friends, who also have their own circles of friends, and so on. When someone within a circle of friends ‘Likes’ a business page, their friends are all able to see this activity.

This can often be enough to spark some curiosity about the business, which can lead them to check out the page for themselves, bringing that business a potential new customer they may otherwise never have found. Effectively, your customers are doing your advertising for you.

Connecting your Business to Customers

Marketing research shows that a customer needs to see your business or your offer up to seven times before reaching a decision to purchase. If your business page is releasing updates and business news regularly, the number of times people see your message increases.

This can have a hugely positive effect on brand recognition. It can also help to build a level of trust within customers for you and your business. All of this is done with a few clicks and provides a way to reach out to your customers cost effectively.

So, rather than write off social media sites, consider some of the ways your own business could benefit by creating a network of your own.

If you’d like more help with using social media to market your business website, Click Here


Online Marketing Tactics for Business

Most small business owners that are making the transition from bricks-and-mortar business to having an online business platform understand the importance of effective marketing. Yet many don’t comprehend the difference between offline advertising and online marketing.

Targeted Marketing or Blanket Advertising?

An ad in a newspaper, on the radio or on the TV might be one way to spread the word about your business. As you can reach large numbers of people and some of them may become customers.

Using this same tactic in online marketing simply won’t have the same effect. Statistics have shown that site owners who focus on marketing their message to a highly targeted audience get a far better results.

Search Engine Optimisation

Optimising your website isn’t about trying to get as many of your ‘keywords’ into your content as you possibly can. It’s more about finding ways to appeal to the search engines so that people searching for your products or services are more likely to find you instead of your competitors.

The keywords you choose should be carefully considered. You don’t want to use the ‘blanket message’ approach when you’re dealing with online marketing tactics. Instead, think carefully about what people might type into a search engine in order to find you. These are the terms you want to optimise your site for, in order to attract those who are searching for exactly what you offer.

Paid Advertising or Organic Traffic

Getting people to visit your website isn’t difficult. However, getting the right people who are ready to become paying customers right now can be a little more challenging.

Using paid advertising campaigns, such as Google Adwords, can be one way to attract the right type of visitors to your site easily. They read your ad and they make a decision to click on it or not, based on what they’re searching for at that time.

Of course, the most effective type of traffic is “organic traffic”. These are the people who are searching for precisely what you offer, find your site in the search engine results, and land on your page to learn more.

Build a Mailing List to Build Relationships

Statistics show that it can take a person as many as seven times to view your message or product before they make the decision to buy. If you’re hoping they’ll land on your website and be instantly compelled to become paying customers, you might be disappointed.

So, once those initial visitors leave your site, how will you keep in touch with them? Have you thought of a way to get them to come back to your site to view your newest offers?

Creating a list of email addresses for those people who are interested in your business, but aren’t ready to buy right now, can be the ideal way to increase sales and boost profits. You can even add past customers to your mailing list. These people have already dealt with your business and developed a level of trust in you. This makes them far more likely to become repeat customers.

Once you have your list, you can use it to send out newsletters telling people about new products or offers you have available. If you don’t have the time to create a regular newsletter, you could choose to just send updates about your business.

When you’re working on your online marketing strategy, always keep in mind that there are intrinsic differences between offline and online marketing. The key is to understand those differences and amend your strategy accordingly.

If you’d like more help with online marketing for your offline business, Click Here


Is Your Website a Brochure for Your Business or a Marketing Tool?

Put simply your business website can either be a brochure for your business or a powerful marketing tool. A brochure website can be a great start to most businesses starting out with their online presence. But if you are looking for a more business a more proactive approach can give you massive rewards.

Making the transition from offline bricks-and-mortar business to an Internet-based business can mean more sales, simplified lead generation and greater profits. While many business owners recognise the importance of getting a website online to showcase their business, there are equally as many who miss the whole point of having a business website at all.

Sure, they display the company logo and show pretty graphics of the store, the products and sometimes the owner as well. They give people information about what products or services are available. They may even offer full contact details and address of the business location.

That’s the extent of their brochure-website.

Missed Business Opportunities Online

What those business people fail to recognise is that they’re missing a golden opportunity to capture new customers, generate new enquiries and maximise sales. The primary reason behind this is the change in the way customers shop.

With the growing numbers of smart phones and the general spread of the internet. The sheer number of people who take the time to search for products and services online before making a purchase decision is growing daily. The Internet offers people the ability to ask questions about the business or product. They can interact by leaving feedback and comments about their experience.

Most importantly, they can learn so much more about the potential benefits and features they get to enjoy if they choose your business over your competitors just by searching online reviews, customer testimonials and other comments.

Clever business owners actively use the online-face of their business to help their overall marketing efforts. These are the website owners who understand the importance of staying in touch with customers, but they do this by way of email updates or regular social media updates.

Each time they send out an update, customers get to see the business name one more time. Research shows that customers often need to see a business name or product around seven times before they make a decision to buy.

Imagine having several thousand past, present and future customers on a mailing list that regularly get to see your new product releases, your special sale offers and any other business news you have. They get to know you and your offers, and over time, they’ll begin to develop a sense of trust in your business. What a great way to build a sense of loyalty in your customers.

This simple tactic can’t be used if those people weren’t initially captivated by a strong, well-planned business website in the first place. So, if your business needs more than an online brochure, think about how the right type of business website can enhance and expand your business.


Giving your Small Business a Strong Internet Presence

Does your business have a strong internet presence yet? Studies show that a significant number of people tend to research a particular product or company they’re considering before they make their purchase. The Internet allows them to look for consumer reviews, ask other customers about their experiences with a company and look for comparison prices with a few clicks of a mouse.

So, what do you do if your business doesn’t have a website yet? Can you realistically expect to compete when your customers end up on your competitor’s website instead of walking into your bricks-and-mortar business?

More importantly, what if you do have a website but your prospective customers just aren’t using it to access your products or services?

There are some things you can do to help establish a strong Internet presence for your business:

Professional Website Design For Your Business

Before you can begin promoting your business’s website, you first need to have a website!

Creating a basic free website can be quick and easy. There are millions of free website templates available that you can use to build a site on you own.

Of course, if you’re serious about your business’s success, it’s important to consider branding your website properly. This may involve finding ways to incorporate your business logo and any design elements or colour schemes that tie in with your own corporate image.

Fine tuning your design is important, it is always worth looking over your website from the users perspective ensuring the navigation is clear and the whole picture portrays the professional image you are intending.

High Quality Content To Inspire Customers and Please Google

Creating professional content for your website is a major factor in your websites success. The key to providing high quality content is to give the visitors what they want.  They will then keep coming back and also tell their friends, too.

Basic level content should inform visitors to the site exactly what your business offers, what you’re all about, how to find you and what previous customers are saying about you.

The content is one of the most important factors for google being ale to find your business. Make sure you right with both your customers and google in mind, which means including key words, and structuring you content well with headings, lists and general logic.

Strong Promotional Tactics and a Diverse Presence

Once you’ve built your website, you can’t simply expect that people will find it by themselves – at least not yet. You may need to spend some time developing strong marketing and promotional tactics to raise the visibility of your site and make it easier for people to find.

Along with promoting your own website there are literally hundreds of resorces that are free or very cheap that you can use to expand your presence online.

Search Engine Optimisation

When people look for something of interest on the Internet, they’ll type what they’re looking for into a search engine. Then they’ll check out the results they find to see if anything matches their wants and needs.

If your website isn’t visible on the search engine results, you could be losing business. Optimising your site for improved search engine rankings can be a great start, but there are also plenty of things you can do off-site to help improve those rankings too.

If you’d like more help with developing a website which works hard for your business, contact me.


How Do I Get My Business Listed On Google?

Your Business Needs to be Found on Google and Other Search Engines

Did you know that over 90% of Australian search engine enquiries are made using Google? When a potential customer decides they need to find something that interests them, they head to Google and type in a few words describing what they’re looking for.

Google shows only 10 websites on the first page of their search results, there might be thousands or even millions of results in total. Most people searching for information rarely go past that first page, instead they usually refine their search parameters.

If your business doesn’t appear in Googles top 10 search results for your keywords you could be missing out on thousands of customers. Or thousands of dollars worth of business. Lets make sure your business can stay ahead of the competition!

More importantly, Is your business website a wasted resource that you’re not taking advantage of?

Listing Your Business Website with Google

Getting your business website listed with Google’s search engine isn’t particularly difficult. You can submit your website to Google for free. Simply setup a free Google account and go to the Google Webmaster Tools page Hit “add site” then enter your url (website address). Or they will eventually just find it, but the above submission can help speed up the process.

Getting Your Business Website to the Top of Google

Just having your website listed on Google isn’t enough. If you are even number 20 in the search results your business will still rarely be viewed by a customer. You need to be in the top 10 or even better, the top 5.

There are various things you can do to get a top 10 position in Google. These tactics are usually referred to as search engine optimisation (SEO). Optimise your website well and your whole business will benefit.

Google values high quality original content on websites and usually ranks these higher. If you provide informative and helpful content about your business, your products, and your services you will greatly improve your ranking and your customers experience.

Website design can also play a huge part in being found in Google. Poor navigation, badly structured websites or websites built based on flash can damage your visibility to Google and hence your customers.

Choosing Keywords to be Found by Google and your Customers

Think carefully about what people might type if they want to find your business. These are known as Keywords or Key Phrases.

People won’t immediately type in your business name if they’re searching for a product or service you provide, try to focus on words that describe your product or service. But be careful not to be too broad in your keyword choices. You want to be found only by the people who are looking for your product or service.

Try choosing about 5 keywords and make sure you include them through out your website, in headings and in the body.

SEO is an involved process and it can take time to see the results you want. But if you persist you will earn yourself a top position in Google. With your business in such prime real estate you open your business to huge numbers of customers. There are many strategies touted all over the Internet. Unfortunately, many of these are dubious and could end up seeing your site penalised if you choose the wrong ones.

Ideally, ask for advice from an expert before implementing any SEO tactics on your own. This will help you to avoid making time consuming mistakes and maximise your chances of success.