Giving your Small Business a Strong Internet Presence


Giving your Small Business a Strong Internet Presence

Does your business have a strong internet presence yet? Studies show that a significant number of people tend to research a particular product or company they’re considering before they make their purchase. The Internet allows them to look for consumer reviews, ask other customers about their experiences with a company and look for comparison prices with a few clicks of a mouse.

So, what do you do if your business doesn’t have a website yet? Can you realistically expect to compete when your customers end up on your competitor’s website instead of walking into your bricks-and-mortar business?

More importantly, what if you do have a website but your prospective customers just aren’t using it to access your products or services?

There are some things you can do to help establish a strong Internet presence for your business:

Professional Website Design For Your Business

Before you can begin promoting your business’s website, you first need to have a website!

Creating a basic free website can be quick and easy. There are millions of free website templates available that you can use to build a site on you own.

Of course, if you’re serious about your business’s success, it’s important to consider branding your website properly. This may involve finding ways to incorporate your business logo and any design elements or colour schemes that tie in with your own corporate image.

Fine tuning your design is important, it is always worth looking over your website from the users perspective ensuring the navigation is clear and the whole picture portrays the professional image you are intending.

High Quality Content To Inspire Customers and Please Google

Creating professional content for your website is a major factor in your websites success. The key to providing high quality content is to give the visitors what they want.  They will then keep coming back and also tell their friends, too.

Basic level content should inform visitors to the site exactly what your business offers, what you’re all about, how to find you and what previous customers are saying about you.

The content is one of the most important factors for google being ale to find your business. Make sure you right with both your customers and google in mind, which means including key words, and structuring you content well with headings, lists and general logic.

Strong Promotional Tactics and a Diverse Presence

Once you’ve built your website, you can’t simply expect that people will find it by themselves – at least not yet. You may need to spend some time developing strong marketing and promotional tactics to raise the visibility of your site and make it easier for people to find.

Along with promoting your own website there are literally hundreds of resorces that are free or very cheap that you can use to expand your presence online.

Search Engine Optimisation

When people look for something of interest on the Internet, they’ll type what they’re looking for into a search engine. Then they’ll check out the results they find to see if anything matches their wants and needs.

If your website isn’t visible on the search engine results, you could be losing business. Optimising your site for improved search engine rankings can be a great start, but there are also plenty of things you can do off-site to help improve those rankings too.

If you’d like more help with developing a website which works hard for your business, contact me.

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