Is Your Website a Brochure for Your Business or a Marketing Tool?


Is Your Website a Brochure for Your Business or a Marketing Tool?

Put simply your business website can either be a brochure for your business or a powerful marketing tool. A brochure website can be a great start to most businesses starting out with their online presence. But if you are looking for a more business a more proactive approach can give you massive rewards.

Making the transition from offline bricks-and-mortar business to an Internet-based business can mean more sales, simplified lead generation and greater profits. While many business owners recognise the importance of getting a website online to showcase their business, there are equally as many who miss the whole point of having a business website at all.

Sure, they display the company logo and show pretty graphics of the store, the products and sometimes the owner as well. They give people information about what products or services are available. They may even offer full contact details and address of the business location.

That’s the extent of their brochure-website.

Missed Business Opportunities Online

What those business people fail to recognise is that they’re missing a golden opportunity to capture new customers, generate new enquiries and maximise sales. The primary reason behind this is the change in the way customers shop.

With the growing numbers of smart phones and the general spread of the internet. The sheer number of people who take the time to search for products and services online before making a purchase decision is growing daily. The Internet offers people the ability to ask questions about the business or product. They can interact by leaving feedback and comments about their experience.

Most importantly, they can learn so much more about the potential benefits and features they get to enjoy if they choose your business over your competitors just by searching online reviews, customer testimonials and other comments.

Clever business owners actively use the online-face of their business to help their overall marketing efforts. These are the website owners who understand the importance of staying in touch with customers, but they do this by way of email updates or regular social media updates.

Each time they send out an update, customers get to see the business name one more time. Research shows that customers often need to see a business name or product around seven times before they make a decision to buy.

Imagine having several thousand past, present and future customers on a mailing list that regularly get to see your new product releases, your special sale offers and any other business news you have. They get to know you and your offers, and over time, they’ll begin to develop a sense of trust in your business. What a great way to build a sense of loyalty in your customers.

This simple tactic can’t be used if those people weren’t initially captivated by a strong, well-planned business website in the first place. So, if your business needs more than an online brochure, think about how the right type of business website can enhance and expand your business.

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