Social Media: Is it a Waste of Time or Valuable Business Tool?


Social Media: Is it a Waste of Time or Valuable Business Tool?

We have all heard of or used sites like Facebook, linkedin and twitter, generally they have been used to keep in touch with friends and family. But as these social media sites have developed they have become some of the most used sites on the web. Many business owners had dismissed marketing with Facebook and twitter thinking they were only used by teenagers and a waste of time. What they may not realize is the sheer number of adults who use these sites as a way to communicate with other people. At the beginning of 2012 Facebook boast 800 million active users.

When done correctly, social media sites can become highly valuable business tools.  They allow business owners to stay connected to their customers, but they also allow customers to develop a rapport with business owners in return.

So, how can a business benefit from using social media sites? And which site is the best for your particular business? How does a business make sure their time on social media sites leads to more business?

Choosing the Best Social Media Site for Your Business

According to a survey recently conducted by Optus, Facebook is the most popular choice for small and medium businesses, with YouTube coming in a close second. Twitter and LinkedIn featured in third and fourth most popular, respectively.

Facebook allows you to interact with your customers, answer questions, field enquiries and generate interest in your products or services very easily.

The key is to create a professional Facebook Page under the business accounts section. This allows you create an official business page in which you can provide information about your business, showcase your products, and offer customers updates and news that might interest them.

Broaden Your Customer Base

There are more than 800 million active users on Facebook. 8.8 million of those users are Australian. Each of those users has a circle of friends, who also have their own circles of friends, and so on. When someone within a circle of friends ‘Likes’ a business page, their friends are all able to see this activity.

This can often be enough to spark some curiosity about the business, which can lead them to check out the page for themselves, bringing that business a potential new customer they may otherwise never have found. Effectively, your customers are doing your advertising for you.

Connecting your Business to Customers

Marketing research shows that a customer needs to see your business or your offer up to seven times before reaching a decision to purchase. If your business page is releasing updates and business news regularly, the number of times people see your message increases.

This can have a hugely positive effect on brand recognition. It can also help to build a level of trust within customers for you and your business. All of this is done with a few clicks and provides a way to reach out to your customers cost effectively.

So, rather than write off social media sites, consider some of the ways your own business could benefit by creating a network of your own.

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